Thank you to the Partners, Volunteers, and Local Businesses that support our common cause.

Thank you!

Our Mission

Hoffmeyer Animal Rescue is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing care and services to our local animals.
At Hoffmeyer Animal Rescue, we foster and permanently hold sick, abused, neglected, injured, senior, blind, disabled, hospice cats, dogs, and wildlife!

We help find and trap dogs and cats, plus we
outreach to low income and homeless pet owners!

Bring Your Best Friend Home

Your new best friend is waiting for you.

Ever thought of becoming a foster?

Well now is the time to join our team and help provide for animals that could surely
use the safety and warmth of a loving home, even if it’s just a temporary stop!

your generous donations

We offer full transparency to our donors, sponsors and the general public. One way to donate is through our Amazon Wishlist. You can purchase the exact donation item, have it delivered to our facility, and rest assured it will be greatly appreciated! Monetary donations are put towards many other purposes.

Cat/Kitten food and Kitten replacement milk (KMR)

Kittens should eat 2 tablespoons of formula per 4 ounces of body weight each day. Kittens less than 2 weeks are fed every 2 hours! Kittens 2 to 4 weeks old eat every 3-4 hours.


Soft and Hard dog food

Puppies and adult dogs can eat between 1/2 cup and 6 cups of food per day!

Litter and bedding

Most cats will need between 7 and 10 pounds of litter each week.
We're always in need of:
Non-clumping litter (for the kittens)
Pellet litter (pine pellets)
And clumping-litter

gray tabby kitten

Veterinary Services

Sometimes our animals will require veterinary visits. This could include prescriptions for medications, checkups, or more.


Sick or Injured animals sometimes require extensive medications to get them through their bad-times.
It could be as simple as nutritional suppliments added to their food or even insulin!

chubby calico cat

Tax Deductions

Since we are a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations could be tax-deductable!

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